The purpose of this article to educate clients and make them understand the importance of what needs to be done if there is a malware issue.

If you "do not have time to read the given steps and same time you do not have a technical person or developer" at your end who can assist you for all steps then we highly recommend you order our malware cleanup service from where our techs will guide you at every step and follow many of your website specific steps to help you have a clean website access.

If you "have a developer or technical person" at your end who want to know how to fix the issue their own at no additional cost then please read the kb article as follows:

So first of all, we request you to please give this article a min slot of 30-60 minutes of reading before making a quick decision or searching for quick solution which do not exists for malware issue. A malware issue first need understanding and awareness at client end to understand why it can be, what needs to be done rather assuming that there is a magic button with your service provider to fix it.

We understand and agrees that a common businessman may not be aware of the issues like this however that is why we take it our pleasure to draft this All-in-One article to help you understand and make your malware protection plan to ensure the services are no more repeat basis abused to create errors in service.


Why malware website are not allowed to host and what it may cause?

My website is suspended for hosting malware / suspecious files or outdated cms what is the next step?

Do WebJi® offers any website malware cleanup services?

I have malware infection on my website, how can I download the website backup of infected data?

How to secure my website? What basic steps to follow for it?

How to ensure good email reputation of my server or domain name online?

My server is spamming or getting spamming complaint - What can I do right now to fix the issue?

What are the benefits of Securedash? Why shall I buy Securedash?

Related terms of service

Please note in no manner WebJi® will be held responsible or answer any content or coding related issues. As a web host we will take care of server side issues only. Customer(s) shall consult to their web developer for any content or coding related issues.

Customer must agree that WebJi® will not be responsible in case of any security breach / spam / malware activities happens from your web hosting account or VPS or dedicated server or email id or website owned & managed by client side. Role of WebJi® will be to provide you timely assistance and steps to download the logs etc from your end.

Customer must agree that in case if any investigation of a spam or abuse case is there client is required to pay an appropriate fee based on how much time of level 3 admin is involved in the log’s data processing. Minimum charges for the same will be INR 2000 per 60 minutes of system admin.

Customer must agree that if we finds any malware or abuse or tos violation or illegal usages of the services WebJi® reserves its right to suspend or terminate the services with / without prior notice.

Customer must agree that WebJi® donot have any role in your services usages thus what application you host and what kind of usages you have of your web hosting ac / email ids / ftp / emailing services / database / application / vps or dedicated server / cloud server or any other service that is used and operated by you thus client will be sole responsible for the same.
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