Please note that every seo agency do have their own approach to deal the SEO work.

When analyzing your competition nobody can determine and say you fixed amount of link as we dont know how many of those backlinks are from publicly posting allowed platforms or not.

Many SEO companies uses PBNs or guest post both of them are having their own risk associated with paid backlink issues in google guidelines. We don't deal or provide such backlinks in all-in-one SEO plans at

In our strategy SEO is done to mini sites viz. the lead generation mini sites and their pages to rank lead gen sites and in future once they have some authority to give backlink to your main website.

So if someone say you your competition is having backlinks from x website and they don't allow post or is a paid guest post then some company can provide you a comment backlink to your main website - how much that risks or worth that is the question. We don't provide backlink from such platforms and name any profile links or comment links as backlinks. NO that is not our strategy.

If you buy all in one SEO plan for 3 months having 2 mini sites in plan included then after 3 months 3 * 2 = 6 high authority niche relevant lead gen mini sites any backlink shall be way more powerful than any of the PBN or guest post.

So we don't provide backlinks from article directories, web directories, or any other platform to money site our work is limited to rank mini sites and later to make some backlink from those high authority mini sites to main website to overnight boost up the rankings.

Furthermore we will try to scan your competition and will create backlinks from legit sources such as any business directories or niche relevant directories or portal wherever possible to your main website from authority platform. How many of them possible that we cant count today or estimate as that depends and vary based no niche and market portals / websites or those website owners if they allow free listing or post or not.****
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