An unknown hacker sent me a hacking email
The world is having many fraud people too. Please be aware and be advised that anyone can send anything to anybody. Every single day we get tons of spam emails and that's the real problem of the internet not of us alone.

Anytime you get an email make sure:

You* know the sender - fraudulent people can send emails from various names, this is why they are a fraud.
You shall only download any attachment if you think the sender of the email is genuine and you know them - As many times it may happen is any batch file or macro file is provided in the attachment and you run it gets your computer infected.

We also recommend all email users to repeat basis follow given basic security steps every week or month based on your own preferences and requirements, steps are as follows:

Reset all of your email IDs, passwords to a random secure password. You can take reference of online websites to generate good random password such as
Scan your computer from any of the leading 2 good antivirus.
If you are using any website CMS software then make sure that your CMS software for the website is updated with the latest version and security updates patched.
Make sure you are using Genuine OS and legal copies of any software on your PC as hacked or cracked software is doorways for cyber-criminals.

This small article is a contribution from Anand Maheshwari a 20-year-old computer tech. Replied moreover 300,000 + support requests or emails to clients in the last 20 years of IT experience. We can't stop spammers, but we can at least follow some steps towards our very own security and safety measures.****
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