What is bandwidth?
Data transfer done by your website files/folders or emails or website visitors who accessed the files/folders or application hosted by you on server.

What do you mean bandwidth overusages or limit cross?
Bandwidth overusages mean that you have used up more data than purchased package limits by your shared hosting or web hosting plan. To prevent this from happening, make sure to login to your web hosting ac periodically and ensure that you have enough amount of bandwidth to deliver your website to your website visitors as otherwise website or emails may not work.

Why I dont get a reminder for overusages?
Plesk panel donot send reminders however you can anytime login to your web hosting ac and can check your balance amount of bandwidth quote. Or buy /upgrade your web hosting ac with unlimited bandwidth plan.

Example case is:
It is like you have 10GB internet plan on mobile data and you expect it to still continue to work even after your data limit has been reached. That will not work until you opt for new plan with extra bandwidth or you need to wait for month period to over so that new month can have new set of bandwidth limit.

How bandwidth limit reset?
Every month, your monthly bandwidth resets to be zero so you have a new set of bandwidth for the next month. Until then you need to wait or you need to buy upgrade plan.

What are the upgrade options?
That depends on your plan contact our team at support@webji.services to get options for upgrade.

I dont wish to upgrade in that case what is option?
In that case you need to wait for 1st of next month then our team can unsuspend your ac which is suspended by over usages however the same is not recommended as if your usages are higher its better to upgrade the plan timely basis..
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