I want to insert some store procedures in my database but i got an error
like this

#1370 - alter routine command denied to user 'xxxxxxxx'@'%' for
routine 'xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx'

Answer: The most likely reason for the behaviour here is due to the single-sign-on user used to access phpMyAdmin, as we do not store any passwords in plain text we are not able to automatically login as your MySQL user, hence the system creates a temporary user (ssoXXXX) which has access to your database and performs the login with this.

Sometimes, views/routines/procedures then error because they are setup or created under the original username while you're now logged in as the single sign on user.

Essentially, SSO is not suitable for this purpose, and what you will need to do is visit https://phpmyadmin.stackcp.com/pma/ manually, you will be able to login using your actual MySQL hostname/username/password combination, and then any views you create there will be retained and under your correct definer and hence not experience this problem.
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