Please login to your control panel > File manager > public_html > and create there a subfolder named website domain name. So in example, we are using that as "" once you reached the public_html in file manager you need to right click to see the create folder option screenshots below:

Now go to the homepage of the control panel by clicking on the home link there on top

Click on domains

Mention the new domain name as as we have mentioned in

the example case below

wait for few seconds to have the process completed.

Scroll down the same page and mention the exact path you have created in file manager above of the new folder in our case it was
public_html/ so we entered that there and click on update button next to that newly added domain once path is updated

Once all that is done, then after make sure that after doing that you have updated the nameserver of that newly hosted domain name to the required nameserver of our controlpanel.system as mentioned at on the new website and it shall show the content of that folder which you can upload via ftp on that newly added website from that subfolder.
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