Yes if you have family or friends or business clients which you want to refer to us for web hosting services or seo or backup services then we have our affiliate system where we offer 10% onetime commission for any web hosting ac sold via your referral link but only for web hosting services not for domain name.

You can signup for affiliate and get your affiliate referral link at

You can read affiliate terms from section "Terms of Web Hosting Affiliate Programme:" on page

Please note that if you refer to yourself or any form of tricking the system for commission for your own purchase in some other name any such practices are not accepted and may result in lifetime ban on your billing account with WebJi® if found. So kindly use such link to refer others only if you are an old client you can speak to our team member if any service discount is possible then we will be happy to help separately but affiliate referral of your own purchase is not accepted.
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