Yes, we offer the services for website malware cleanup, however such services are only suggested in case your developer is not ready or not able to technically help you with primary steps as everyone can follow steps mentioned at So we don't want everyone to order such an addon until required.

You can place order for the services from charges are INR 3500+18%, GST for 1 year for the time and resources involved and it also has securedash, ssl certificate included in the plan itself.

What's included in it:
- Security addon services for 1 website only.
- Max. 3 events of hacking or malware are supported a year as if the issue keep repeating changing the website cms or codes is suggested.
- Securedash (in case your website is in php we will have Securedash included on it)
- Checking logs - and keeping track and suggesting your developer where or which part of application is vulnerable and needs any fixes.
- Reset your password, scan all your files/folders and remove any malware files if found
- Integration of Cloudflare CDN Performance (integration & configured by us) & along with any suspicious country traffic block and other security implementation from your own free Cloudflare account.
- Brand Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring for min 10 days from the order.
- Comodo Positive SSL for 1 domain name for 1 year (www and non-www version included)
- Keep your website backup for min. last 15 days - free 3 times a year restoration if the issue repeats ever in the future.

What is not included:
- Any form of coding changes - as we are not developers
- Any form of cms level support - as cms or website is developed by your web developers not us.
- Any form of programing related issues or support.

If you think prices are high:
Please compare it live yourself with some of our competition -> $99 a year min. plan -> pricing screenshot of 2 Oct 2020 > -> $199.99/yr min plan -> pricing screenshot of 2 Oct 2020 > -> 100 EUR min plan -> pricing screenshot of 2 Oct 2020 >

So what we offer you is approx. $49 + GST for 1 year so you can yourself compare and decide on the pricing part. The fee is there only for the time and the resources involved in the same.
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