As per industry standards for bulk mailing especially we don't offer any inbox guarantee as to delivery to inbox or promotions or junk folder that totally depends on 3rd party mail servers and your email content and quality of your mailing list.

Let us explain:
If you send an email to 1000 email ids and out of that 20 from Gmail got returned back if the subject is same Gmail can easily track and mark such mailing as spam or related promotional category, here no service provider can claim that they can offer inbox delivery as depends on every mail server and every mail sever have their own custom antispam system.

If still, you have any company offering inbox delivery of bulk mailing then it may be a sales trick perhaps, so be careful with such offers in bulk mailing. You can always give us 2nd company to try if you still think that other company can offer inbox delivery as for us, we don't deal for any wrongful promise on something which we don't own or governs as depends on remote mail servers.
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