No, we have the shared hosting infra in Europe due to the leading data centers, availability of quick support and better enterprise-level agreement for service support with the data center.

So our shared server is located in the EU only.

Kindly note we can offer you a custom quote for VPS or a dedicated server, especially if you need it in the USA possible but shared hosting is not possible in the USA.

One thing is, if you have any website of a client -> who need the USA location server > You can still host it with us just have Cloudflare CDN free tool on it integrated once done your website visitor will access your website from USA if they are from USA as this is how CDN works and our team can help you have that integrated with your website hosted with us. Let me know if you need any further info on free CDN on your web hosting with us.

For any additional queries, please feel free to contact us at
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