Things to make sure before starting a domain name transfer with the current service provider to B4U India as follows:

Make sure that your domain name does not have any transfer lock or theft protection enabled on it. If enabled, disable them all.
Make sure that your domain name does not have whois protection on it. If enabled, then disable that, please.
Make sure that your domain name does have your email id in Whois admin email ids. If not, then you may have an issue to approve domain transfer later, so have that updated to your email id, please.
Make sure you have not renewed or registered your domain name recently in the last 60 days. If not, then you may not have 1-year free renewal with domain transfer or domain transfer may fail if the domain name was recently registered in last 60 days.

Step 1: Once you confirmed above noted points, Kindly get domain name transfer authorization code / EPP Code from your current service provider.

Step 2: Place domain name transfer order with your EPP code you got from your current service provider from and pay for the same.

Step 3: Now send an email to and our team will help you further with the rest of the semi-automatic procedure.

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