Please note depending on the nature & complexity of the query it may be sometime some cases may take longer than expected however at WebJi® we have no delay system and helpdesk is monitored by seniors to ensure of quality checks. At occasions, it is also noted sometime that the cases are delayed due to "no timely reply or details shared by the client side" simultaneously, sometime it may be a case that you are not satisfied with the support agent reply or for any reason you need a senior's view on your case which was handled by any of our tech.

In any of such cases, the first of all we will request is to make sure that no any pending details from your side, so ensure that all the requested information is provided timely to techs from your end.

Make sure you have provided a reasonable time to technical team to handle your support query as per complexity of the query.

If you still need your case to be escalated to our management team, then please feel free to fill-up the form at

Kindly note we love and respect user voice. We believe and trust in words we exist to earn our client's smile. However, some cases like shared hosting resources limitations, any 3rd party tool limitations or any website coding / cms or content related issues any of such case is not directly in the hands of your web host.

Once the feedback is shared over our seniors will review and get back to you via email asap. Rest assured, we love to care the user voice, and we will be there and glad to help you at our level best.
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