Advance feature of our business email hosting when compared with others

We are pleased to share with you some of the advanced features of our business email hosting plans as mentioned at Some of them are as follows:
Daily remote backup to the different data centre - To face any hardware failure or related issue we manage the daily backups of our business email servers where all the data of mail servers are automatically backed up to a totally different data center. Technically this one of the advanced features which most of the competition may not have as most of the web host relay with local drive or RAID partition schemes itself as a backup while that has no comparison when it is remote backup and that too in a totally different data center.
Mailenable Professional Edition mail server - All of our email servers do have paid mail server software viz. Mailenable Professional Edition mail server software. More details on that at
Premium AntiSpam filter - We have a premium paid antispam filter on all of our email hosting servers to ensure that your inbox stays safer.
Antivirus protection on email - Our email server is protected with ClamWin antivirus at the mail server level.
Secure mail access allowed- Thanks to https all the access to webmail or pop3, imap, smtp they can be done with the secure layer. For more details on it feel free to check with our technical team for proper hostname and outlook configuration or your secure webmail URL.
1Gbps network - All of our business email servers are hosted with 1Gbps network port to ensure there is no lack of data transfer or speed on servers and networks.
More than 50% Idle CPU - Most of the time our email servers have 50% or higher CPU Idle time that indicates that most of the server resources are free for users, we don't deal in overselling of hardware and then degrade the server performance for all user same time.
Proactive monitoring - Manual and automated both ways monitoring of servers are done multiple time a day to ensure that mail server and their health stays good and that ensure our customers have more than 99.9% uptime for mail services most of the time.
(Upcoming plan) NVMe Drive Storage - We are already planning to move our business email servers to NVMe drives based server. As per available information, NVMe is the world's fastest hard disk atm and is up to 30x faster than regular normal SATA drives. So that is our upcoming plan for our business email users and existing servers will be also migrated soon on that new platform.
EU Servers (Privacy Assured) - Your data is stored under EU location servers. As everyone knows EU has globally one of the most privacy-related laws and regulations such as one of recent most famous as per news "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) etc. So your data is stored in a data center within EU boundaries to ensure optimal privacy of data stored on servers at data center level.

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