Please note that in online business where transactions are done virtually please note that your email id is your identity and due to nature of digital services and its security & privacy reasons we do provide service and support to exact same email id which is registered in billing account with us.

In some cases where you have a team and want to authorize some of your staff or colleague email id as per your own decision then main billing account holder can authorize additional email ids for service support at their own risk by logging to billing ac and adding sub user to their main billing ac from

Please note that as mentioned in our terms of service at
Webji Hosting Pvt. Ltd. provides service and support to billing account holder email id as well as sub-accounts added by billing ac holder under their mail billing ac. Any customer can add more required sub-accounts to their main billing ac’s client area with Webji Hosting Pvt. Ltd. if required, however if any customer added any sub-account in their billing contact details this will be at sole risk of the main billing account holder and Webji Hosting Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible for any loss or damages or any other issues related if any occur due to communication with sub-account of Webji Hosting Pvt. Ltd. and such main billing ac holder will be fully responsible to their sub-accounts communication as well as sub-accounts management (create, edit or delete) with Webji Hosting Pvt. Ltd.. To ensure optimal security it is highly recommended to customers to not to add or create sub accounts so that all communication can be with the main billing account holder only with us.************
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