If you are having a custom web application and specific module is not working such as "upload of files" is not working or "Smtp emails are not getting generated" in such a specific case where the application is working but a specific module or set of operations having technical issue then here are the suggested steps:

Your developer can login to Plesk control panel of web site hosting > logs manager and can view the logs in realtime when running the app that way he can get some ideas about what specific error are getting generated in IIS or Apache. For more details about logs manager visit kb article of Plesk at https://docs.plesk.com/en-US/obsidian/customer-guide/customer-account-administration/viewing-statistics/log-files.65210/
Another option can be to make a sample code only with that particular module testing in it. Suppose emails are not working then make a small one page script and have only that smtp function in that and that can help you trace the error and issues more easily as when dealing with 100s of pages of codes its better to have an isolated small module coded and tested then after once the issue is resolved in small one page code then after you can ask your developer to have codes of your web application updated accordingly based on your one page test script.

Hope this helps in getting some ideas about how to debug online for application hosted on server.

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