What users can do to make sure such issues don't happen and our bulk email shall work for your business/marketing purpose:

Do not have too many links in bulk emails or e-newsletter
If you are already sure that your email list has double opted and you already have an accurate email list of your own members or subscribed, users then feel free to use the system starting from small qty and gradually increasing the volume of your emails so that to ensure optimal presence in anti-spam agencies for your mailing and usage.
Do not have too many images of the image to text ratio.
Do not use "offer, deal, free" sort of spammy words as that may result in less inbox delivery
If you are sending a marketing email to a new prospectus, make sure you build some relationship or ask for their interest before sending the first email with an offer or dealing itself. Even by doing such, you can easily get better conversation rates as you are building some trust or point of interest.
If you are not sure of email, ids are properly verified or double opted, always be sure to contact our team and get a quotation and service for email verification service addon as that can help you get less hard bounce emails and less spam issues.
If you have excessive mailing usage, it's better and suggested you opt-in for dedicated IP at an additional fee for that you can get a quote from our team via email at support@webji.services or you can chat with our operator on our website https://webji.in/
It is suggested you buy a new separate domain name as if the spam complaint comes and your primary website domain name gets blacklisted on the internet under anti-spam agencies or RBLs then you can have more issues for your business so always suggested ensuring that you opt a separate domain name to avoid such issues and situations
Always make sure to have an Unsubscribe Link for which option to use unsubscribe tag is there in our bulk email control panel.
Always make sure to have a proper and correct postal address in your mailer, as nobody goes to trust someone with a fake address, for which option to update your postal address information in our bulk email control panel.
We highly recommend you use your own subscribed email newsletter members to send them an email over scrapped or purchased database lists as those scrapped/purchased databases can have high spam complaints and issues.
WebJi® does not offer any email databases as we don't deal with database selling services.
If you have any list of email ids that you believe is highly targeted and may be an interested audience to your emails to them, then it's suggested that you opt for an email verification addon only after that you start using the list.
If you are not sure of your quality usage, the best thing is to start with the smallest plan first and then you can upgrade anytime once you are sure of the solution works for you.
No user is allowed to ignore the best usage practices mentioned in this article along with our terms of service as mentioned at https://webji.in/terms-of-service/ if that is the case better, please use any other service provider as we are not a service provider who can allow spam and close eyes both the same time. Why! This reason is self-explanatory when a client pays they expect of uptime and quality of services and thus we can't compromise with quality variables.

What Webji® will do to ensure optimal service experience and highest possible uptime and quality of bulk email services for you as the user when you follow above-noted suggestions already:

We will make sure to set up technically proper domain keys, SPF records, and DMARC records to ensure optimal delivery rate
We will make sure to keep a close eye on any spam complaints and make sure that no user is allowed to spam death to our network or services. However, dealing for bulk mailing and expecting a 100% delivery rate is never possible nor we make any such false promises.
If the client opts for email verification service addon for cleanup of their email database, we will try our level best to use the best and optimal toolset to ensure the best and clean email list as much as possible, however, if you have a scrapped database and you expect us to ensure you any guarantee for delivery rate or accurate of verification then the same is not possible as technically we use the latest tools for the purpose but every tool has their own limitations too.

First of all, we don't provide any of the following solutions:

Buy bulk email plan > Spam > Quit the service plan when the account suspended for Spamming.
Buy bulk email plan > Use the old database of email ids > Spam > Quit the service plan when account suspended for Spamming.
Buy bulk email plan > Now expecting you paid for it so can send any form of an email to anybody > more than 2% hard bounce emails indicates bad email database > account suspended due to TOS violation or spamming attempts > Quit the service plan when the account suspended.
Buy bulk email plan > more than 2% bounce rate > Quit the service plan when the account is not working.
Buy bulk email plan > scrapped email database or you don't know most of the email ids exists or not > result in spam > account suspended > Quit the service plan when the account suspended.
Buy bulk email plan > send email to an untargeted email list where you yourself don't know if the user wants to get your email or get benefit from your mail to them or not > too many spam complaints or issue come with your usage > account suspended due to TOS violation or spamming attempts > Quit the service plan when the account suspended.
We do not offer any inbox guarantee or warranty since when you send a bulk email the remote servers can easily trace such mailers and with similar content or subject can easily have any custom anti-spam filter to prevent their users by moving such newsletters to spam or junk mail folder. So as a technical service provider we don't offer any guarantee or warranty about inbox delivery as that totally depends on your own usage however if the email is returned for an IP blacklisted there is a procedure to be followed with such anti-spam agencies that time and our team is more than happy to help if any such issue arises.

This article is specially designed as an extension for bulk mailing FAQs and limitations, in addition to our terms of service as mentioned at https://webji.in/terms-of-service/. The purpose of this article is to make users aware of the best practices and how they can have the best utilization of bulk email service. We don't promote services to be used for any form of spamming and don't appreciate or allow any spamming usage. This article doesn't offer any guarantee or warranty about the accuracy of the suggestion as they are shared as for information purposes and the same time to ensure the user is aware of some best usage practices don't mean any form of guarantee for the same.

To be honest, if you are looking for a long term solution and a regular bulk mailing need to grow your business we can try to help as much as we can. However, if you are someone who needs the service for a few days or weeks and spams the internet than our bulk email is not designed for such purpose.

So if you have read and agreed to the best usage practices mentioned above, please check and order any of our bulk email plan from https://webji.in/bulk-email-services-in-india/

We provide service... We provide solutions for business... We may provide help for business promotion... We love to help people as much as we can...…. But the only thing we don't sell is any service to spam the internet.
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