Cloudflare is suggested for two reasons:
A) To have global free CDN to have the website working faster all over the world.
B) To manage dns remotely from your own cloudflare account central dashboard, no matter where the domain name is purchased or hosted, one panel for all your dns can be when cloudflare free ac is used.

Cloudflare sign up link -
Creating a Cloudflare account and adding a website -

Once copied all dns and added your website in free plan with them, then after you can have copied all your dns or shared with us your cloudflare account info, we can copy that one time to help you.

Once all dns records are copied, you need to update nameservers to name server provided by cloudflare to be updated with. So that your dns can work from cloudflare that time onward.

If there is no special reason keeping dns arrangement as it is they are suggested, having new tools comes sometime with new complication, as cloudflare has its own firewall and set of 10s of options and tools inside the panel, so it is not recommended until required.

Please note that we donot deal in cloudflare support so if you have any technical query related to cloudflare account you need to contact their support team only.
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