A. If your website is in Cpanel or Plesk panel and you want our team to help you with onetime data migration then please send email at support@webji.services (please make sure to mention basic info about the query such as how many domains and how many GB of data migration is required, which control panel is there on old server) and our team will check and get back to you with an appropriate quote as per estimated time required for the data migration. Our team will try their best to migrate your files/folders, databases, email data from old to new hosting ac with us. Kindly note that migration is a time consuming task thus a fee required to be paid based on estimate of system admin time required for data migration.

B. If your website is in any other control panel or no control panel on old server then data migration needs to be done manually steps are as follows:

Buy new web hosting ac with from https://webji.in or if you have a reseller/vps/dedicated server ac then create a web hosting ac for new domain name under your web hosting control panel.

Reference articles for reseller/vps/dedicated server ac holders:

Download all files/folders from old server and upload them in httpdocs or public_html folder of your web hosting ac with us. Generally the folder name is httpdocs in case of Plesk Panel with us and public_html in case of CPanel control panel based hosting ac with us.

Reference links:
Filezilla free ftp client for Windows / MacOS / Linux OS download link

This step 3 is not required for html based static websites. But if your website is having a mysql or mssql database also in it, then create that in your web hosting control panel with us and restore the backups of database in appropriate databases. Update your connection string using file manager in web hosting control panel with us.

Reference links:
Backing Up and Restoring Databases

Using dns host file you shall now try to access your website temporary from our server, you can follow dns hostfile update steps as available in google at

Reference links:

Please make sure to download all files folders, database and email backups at your computer before proceeding with nameserver update as email data migration will not be possible so you need to download the email backups before updating the nameservers.

Reference links:

Access from Microsoft Office Outlook 2019

Access from Microsoft Office Outlook 2016

Access from Microsoft Outlook Express

Access from Mozilla Thunderbird

Access from Apple Mail

Once you made sure that your website is working fine from new web hosting ac from new server IP with us using dns host file steps mentioned above then after it is now the time to create all required same named email ids in web hosting control panel with us + update nameservers of your domain name to nameserver of our server.

In any of the above noted technical step if you face any technical issue then please feel free to share your query in details via email at support@webji.services and our techs will be happy to help you. Kindly permit a reasonable time to have reply back on your query as emails are replied in order they are received and based on availability of senior admin and technical complexity of your query.
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