Take a real life example, If you have a mobile data limited bandwidth connection and you watch some videos and bw is used can you reverse that. The answer is NO. Once the service is used there is no way to reverse it.

You need to login to your reseller or shared hosting account or server ac timely to check your current usages. The issue like lack of bw is indication, perhaps you never or rarely login there, monitoring of your usages you need to take care. Or you shall buy packages for private server accordingly with a higher bandwidth capacity limits.

If you think your cleint is not having that much traffic that bw is used still it cant be reversed but if that is specific website you shall ask your developer to check the logs and find root cause of bw usages and reduce that from your end if required or if the cms is compromised them fixing that issue can help. That is something your developer have to check.

You can contact our team on email at support@webji.services for account upgrade options. Shared hosting is not recommended for high traffic websites.

If you need our admin to check logs as mentioned at https://webji.in/terms-of-service/ fee required to be paid you can order the addon from https://webji.in/billing/cart.php?a=add&pid=1418 charges are INR 1000 for 30 minutes admin time.
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