Few important points to note before planing to transfer out a domain name:

First of all, if there is any service support a related query and something technically where we can help you, with then we take it our pleasure to serve you please feel free to contact our support or escalation team at support@webji.services
If the pricing is the reason, then there are service providers who do not offer even a DNS management related support, if the price difference is of 0.1-2 USD that shall be reasonable to manage the 24x7 service support being in the industry we also try our level best to ensure that our client gets the value of the business investment they do with us, otherwise no service provider may exist for 15 years if they are the expensive most service provider. Even if in a year anytime you need some domains name or DNS related support, the value of money may payback for the purpose rest you can better decide as per your preferences. If anything we can help your welcome anytime via email at support@webji.services
Any domain name if this was registered recently may have 60 days initial domain lock, so after 60 days are over you can plan for transfer out of such domain name, if required.
If the domain name is being transferred to a new domain name, registrar may take a few days time thus if your domain name is going to expire or already expire then it's advised to not transfer it right now, instead you shall renew the service time to avoid any expiry or delete issues.
Steps to follow for domain transfer

Get your EPP code you can have the same using steps as shown below: 1. Login to your billing ac at https://webji.in/billing/clientarea.php?action=domains and search for your domain name which you want to transfer out. 2. Click on manage domain name next to it manage domain name

Click on Registrar-Lock and then after if registrar lock is enabled then kindly disable the registrar lock from that domain name so that system allows you to transfer out your domain name. 4. Click on Get EPP Code and collect your epp code and you may be required to provide this code to new domain name provider to have this transferred to them, please understand we can't help for any misuse case or related issues with domain name epp code so provide that keep it safe with you.

Once the domain name is not having a registrar lock on it and using the epp code the process is started by the new provider it may take anywhere between 5-7 business days and the process will automatically be completed. In between, if a registrar sends any link to approve domain name transfer or cancel domain name transfer to your domain name registration whois email id then kindly take required action as per your preferences.
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