Due to security and privacy reasons we provide service support to registered email id or authorized sub account by billing ac holder.

Many times it may be the requirement that more than one person want to connect with us for service support, in that case the main billing ac holder shall follow the steps mentioned below, before sending email from those new email id to support@webji.services for service support requests.

Video tutorial as mentioned below for the steps to add sub account/ sub user for support authorization:

Step#1 Login to your billing ac at https://webji.in/billing/ once done visit "User Management" tab as mentioned in video below:


Step 3: Now enter the required new email id to whom you want to create / authorize as sub account to your billing ac with us for support services and click on "Send Invite" screenshot below:

Once done the user will get an email from our billing system to sign up for sub-user ac and once signed up they can create support ticket or contact for support from that email id to support@webji.services
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