If you are a company or business firm and have provided the correct company name or business name in order details + you are unable to access the existing email ID or that provided email ID is deleted or do not exist anymore for any reason. Then the following process needs to be followed by client-side:

Please send the last paid invoice copy of us along with the letterhead sealed and signed by the director or owner of your business firm or company + anyone of photo id proof of the signature writing person. Also, including the details on why you need email, id change or update also mention the new email id or any other contact info which needs to be updated.

You need to also send that email from the new email id only which you want to have it updated with.

You can send the digital format of the docs to support@webji.services and please permit us 24-48 hrs for the compliance team to check your docs and get back to you on email.

Please acknowledge this is the digital world anybody can come and tell us that and all the trade is being done digitally, so we even don't know anything in personally. So this procedure is designed to make sure the security reasons are taken care of.

Due to security reasons, any discussion related to email id update needs to be in writing on email, chat or phone calls will not be accepted for such a sensitive case.
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