If you have a basic question, please search our knowledge base. There are 100s of articles there that will help you at https://helpdesk.webji.in/en/

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact our technical team via email at support@webji.services and our average reply time on email/ticket support is less than 60 minutes.

Please only send the request from your registered email id in our records.

Avg initial reply time (acknowledgement) on email < 60 minutes
Avg reply time on email < 3 hrs.
Avg solution time on email < 24 hrs.

Rest it also depends on the nature &complexity of the issue, and 3rd party dependencies, if any.

Any form of service outage is always given the top priority as default.

Due to security/privacy reasons and the nature of the technical queries, technical support is not possible over chat and phone. We have enough staffing resources on email to ensure faster email response time. Email also gives time to our techs to check and get back to you with details or info.

Unlike any of our competition our email support is not slow. So please note that we have enough staffing and resources on email support to make it a smooth and faster experience for our users. Most of the queries are resolved within a few minutes time, 99% of cases are resolved the same day.

So, kindly cooperate with support procedures. Please use email as a recommended way to discuss technical problems.****
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