How to contact the WebJi ® support team?

WebJi® offers you 24x7 support via email & live chat on our website.

To find instant answers of quick queries, please visit our documentation at
24x7 support is available via email at Our avg reply time is less than 60 min, except if any case requires detailed investigation or admin-level intervention. Most of the basic level queries are even replied in a few minutes, so once emailed to our support team please provide a reasonable time for check / investigation and kindly wait for our email update on the same.
Sending multiple emails to spam death our helpdesk is not allowed - if this happens your support priorities will be automatically lowered and might be delayed or inaccurate support due to understanding the issue as it's easy for techs to read your reply on same thread sending; as new email creates a new case for them.
24x7 chat support is available on our website - Max. 2 chat request per month allowed per client at no cost, if need more can be ordered as paid addon. For any quick consultancy feel free to chat with us on our website
Chat is not an alternative to email support in any mean, rather chat is there to help you find a quicker way to share your query with instant discussion to one of our team members; or sometime you can use it to get quick consultancy. Chat support is not an alternative to email support. Once you have shared your technical query; please permit a few minutes time our techs will check and update you via email shortly as soon as the technical task or investigation is completed.
Kindly prefer chat support for basic / level 1 queries only, if you have any detailed investigation or query or multiple queries, please prefer email to as chat is recommended for quick questions answers only.
If you think you want to speak to someone then please prefer chat over the phone support and our techs are 24x7 online in live chat on our website you can consult or discuss your concerns with them or can explain your query in chat.
We offer you 24x7 email and live chat support.
Kindly note we have Level-1 staff available on live chat - any form of system admin query or billing / senior desk support is available via email only. So if our team members escalate the query to the senior desk or billing team or system, admin kindly wait for updates via email, as the query will be attended by one of our senior and the reply will be posted via email only.
If you want to view or reply to any of your old support ticket - you can reply back to our last email from your mailbox in that case to continue the communication if required on the same ticket.
If you want to continue the same live chat session where you were discussing any previous query then kindly make sure to open our website from the same browser and same computer to continue the same chat history, otherwise the previous history will not be present .
We provide support services on a shared resources basis; having live chat doesn't mean dedicated staff, if you have shared your query and our tech's request for some time for it, please cooperate with support procedures.
Any form of free chat system abuse will not be accepted and may result in a permanent ban on chat support for your id.
We don't offer phone support, please opt for chat or email support as per your convenience.
Abuse or TOS violation cases can be discussed in written over email only any support request for TOS violation / abuse case over the chat or phone will not possible as details required in written records over email.
Sending the same query over chat / email is not recommended as may result in dual communication or any misunderstanding due to multiple threads for the same query. So if you have emailed or a chat request kindly permit a reasonable time rather sending more emails or chat request for the same.

Technical Support services are 24x7 available via email at
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