Please note that there are many things you need to take care of first in order to ensure optimal security for your database, some of them are as follows:

If you are using Wordpress or any related CMS Software, then make sure that your website application and all its plugin or themes etc are up to date to the latest versions.
Make sure never to use 123456, abc123, name123, sort of easy to crack the password, thus always making sure that you have a strong good password set on your web hosting ac, ftp account, web hosting control panel, database user, CMS admin, email id and other passwords.
You can also take the help of websites like to know how a secure password looks like.
Make sure that the database remote connection is disabled.
When you create a DB user there is an option to enable DB users to be accessible to all databases on the same subscription. Always be sure to have that disabled only.
Make sure that your website and CMS work over https secure mode only. If you yet not have an
SSL certificate, then you can contact our support team at in order SSL certificate purchased and installed by our techs.
Scan using Plesk inbuilt antivirus FREE addon, to all your websites to make sure they don't host any infected files on them.
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