Please note that extra RDP license options are only available for a few VPS or dedicated servers only as an optional add-on for which you shall check with our team via email at if that is something applicable on your VPS or dedicated server or your upcoming purchase of server shall be after discussing with our team for the same in advance so that we can suggest you a suitable plan accordingly.

SPLA is an initial agreement that any web host has to do with Microsoft and once done web hosts is allowed to sell Microsoft licenses on a monthly basis. Webji Hosting Pvt. Ltd. also has an SPLA agreement with Microsoft for the purpose.

Nobody in the world can offer free RDP licenses or unlimited RDP licenses as that is a per-user license to be paid to Microsoft so any web host has to offer you per-user license cost only under SPLA there are no other options or it as under SPLA with Microsoft.

The price of RDP license generally varies INR 600 - INR 650 +18% GST per month. So if you are looking for ordering a new server or any other related information then feel free to contact us via email at or chat with us on our website
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