With every SSL purchase a SSL configuration link is provided you need to first visit that link of SSL configuration and enter the captcha shown on the page to login to SSL panel.

Once logged in to the SSL configuration URL then after first thing you need to do is enter your CSR, you need to contact your web hosting provider and have the CSR copied there. CSR is generally a long text information and the same shall be copy pasted as it is.

Once you have the CSR have that pasted and click on continue button over there.

In next step you will be asked some contact information to issue the SSL so please enter the same > after that you need to use an validation method. If your website is already live without https then you can use "http validation" method and then system will show you a .txt file and a specific path that file shall be uploaded and shall be accessible on your website at given path with the same file name and Unique content of the text file will be shown on screen.

Once that part is done wait for 15 minutes SSL will be issued and sent via email. Or after 15 min you can revisit the same SSL Configuration link and can click on left side GET Certificate button and your web host can use that information to have that SSL installed on your website.

Since these are all technical steps thus it is highly recommended that you please share your SSL Configuration link + This KB article to your web host and have them follow these steps for you. You can always contact us at support@webji.services in case your web host have any doubts.

For any additional queries, please feel free to contact us at support@webji.services

Always here and happy to help you.
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