Login to your billing account from


Now you will have list of all active services. Click on anyone of service which you want to place cancellation request for.

On left side click on Cancellation Request

So from there you can place the cancellation request. Kindly note that:

- No refunds are issued if your ac or service is beyond our refund policy as mentioned at http://webji.in/refund-policy thus if you are placing early cancellation it will be processed but do not entities you for any refund if service is beyond our refund policy period so kindly cancel at service period end if required.

- Instant cancellation are instant in nature and processed automatically by system so use Instant cancellation safely as once deleted the action is irreversible and you lose all the data hosted on service after cancellation is processed. It is recommended that if suitable then prefer "end of billing period" as cancellation type.
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