A domain name reseller ac is suggested in case you have more than 10+ domains and you think you are going to have any of the following:

A) Separate domain name panel required for each of your clients.
B) You want to get the best possible price for the domain name
C) You accept and agree to the following custom terms for domain name reseller ac as follows:

C.1) You have to add funds to your domain reseller ac min. amount of add funds is INR 2000 + GST per refill. Once paid, our team will manually review the payment and add funds to your domain reseller ac, and then after you can buy domains or any service under the domain name reseller panel up to the amount balance is there.

C.2) You can't move domain reseller ac funds from domain reseller ac > your billing ac, as both are separate services and modules.

C.3) Any add funds request below INR 2000 will not be accepted.

C.4) You can always check balance left in your domain reseller ac from the dashboard of your reseller ac panel, and you need to make sure you always keep the required advance balance to renew the services or book any new domain name. Any credits for domain reseller ac add funds will not be possible.

C.5) You need to do all action from your end to register, renew, update nameservers, update dns etc. Our team is here and glad to help you share the steps for the same. We do not login to domain reseller ac, and any service request for update of name server or any reseller level task will not be supported by Webji. Resellers are provided the best pricing possible for the reason that they manage their business daily operations their own. We are here and glad to help you with sharing any steps, etc., if required, for the same. Or if you face any technical error which you are unable to fix your own in the domain reseller panel. However, any daily operations need to be performed by the reseller side only.

C.6) If you already have some domains under your Webji customer ac and you wish to renew them under your domain reseller ac, then create a customer ac of your own company under your domain reseller ac and share us the customer ID and customer ac username (viz email id) and we can move all your domains under PDR registrar at no cost to your customer ac under your domain reseller with us. You can renew them in future from there. However, if domain name is booked under any other registrar, then a 1 year transfer fee is applicable. If domain is not renewed in the last 60 days, then free renewal for 1 year will be there as per domain transfer terms.

C.7) Above all, please note that the new panel and new system will have some learning curve, so you need to be agreed to give it time to understand the eco system. Once familiarized with the process flow, you shall deal with it more easily as required in the future.

If you want us to handle all this task, better order the domains from your customer ac, as you do right now. Reseller have to manage their business their own. We are here for any troubleshooting or steps.

If you agree to these basic terms for domain reseller ac, then you can sign up for domain reseller ac from https://webji.partnersite.myorderbox.com/reseller.php?action=show_signupform
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