Plesk Control Panel is the web hosting control panel for Windows hosting accounts and that shall be used to create / delete MSSQL user or MSSQL database.
Plesk Control Panel shall be used to back up / restore any MSSQL server database on server side.
Most of our Windows shared servers do have multiple MSSQL Server Versions installed on the same shared servers thus sometime you may be required to connect from MSSQL Management Studio installed on your local PC to server side MSSQL Db using port so for example the port is 1436 then you need to use serverIP,1436
MSSQL Management Studio shall be used to only connect to server hosted DB to run sometime some SQL Queries.
MSSQL Management Studio installed on your PC shall not be used to restore or backup MSSQL database as that shall be done via web hosting control panel viz. Plesk Panel only.
Hosting MSSQL database on shared server for any Windows Desktop Software application remote as backend db is prohibited use of service and may result in termination or suspension of the said hosting ac as is violation of our terms of service as mentioned at
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