There are 3 ways how you can start your web hosting business with us:

Please note unlike other web hosting companies WebJi® is not only a web host but a complete online solution provider and our services spectrum includes web hosting, email services, bulk email, digital marketing, SEO, web design and many other business solution which any business may require to grow their business online. So by joining WebJi® as a reseller you get wide range of services to resell with or without white label both options.

# 1. Affiliate based (get commission for referral you send to us using your affiliate link)
In that module, if you have already any group or mailing list of your own or user base or customer base and want to refer them to webji, you can sign up as an affiliate and get more details on it from

This affiliate based system is not having white label feature as in this option a branded affiliate URL of will be provided. handles all service support as your role is only of sending the referral to us.

# 2. Reseller based (have your own website already)
This module is recommended in case you already have a website for your business and have some web developer or designer with you to design your website and only want to have white-label service and support for your staff with us. You provide service support to your users, your own however your staff or you can get 24x7 the support from our team as required. In this option you can decide your own custom pricing as it’s a white label service and you can check and sign-up for any of our reseller plans from as using that you get a recurring discount on new order and renewal both as far as you continue renewing the reseller plan.

# 3. Reseller based + Website Design & Development required (to build your own web hosting system)

To have a website that works with an online store, as we have on, you need a few elements.

3.1 A website front-end store, like
- We can help you build a website designed for you for this we will recommend you our Wordpress Development services plan details and order link at

Features of the same will be
1x Domain name (.com / .in), registration / renewal
Web Hosting
A.I. Generated Page's Content (optional at no cost - if required)
Licensed Stock library images used (optional at no cost - if required)
12 months of support included.
WordPress CMS, Mobile Responsive Design, Contact Form, Map Integration, Elementor's Pro, WPCache (Premium Plugin), WPMU (Premium Plugins for Speed Optimization, SEO & Security), Image / Photo Gallery or Slider (if necessary), Social Media Integration, Contact Forms
SEO Friendly Website, Meta Tags, Header Tags, Image Alt Tags, Basic Search Engine Submission, Sitemap Creation SEO Related

3.2 A web hosting billing system hosted on your own domain name
Like we have billing system at t to have automatic renewal of domains etc done.
WHMCS app you can order from their website at

WHMCS Onetime Setup of your plans & pricing + General setting + Helpdesk configuration charges will be INR 30000 + 18% GST and it also includes 30 days of Question/Answer session in case if you have related to WHMCS Basic operations as any technical issue or limitations are to be answered by WHMCS company only for which max. 20 queries + 5 hrs of admin time is included in the price quote. It is a onetime operation and thus onetime cost only.

3.3 A payment gateway in your own brand name like we are using RazorPay for payment system.
You need to sign up for your own payment gateway account if you order the WHMCS initial configuration service as mentioned in the above noted point no.3 then we can also help you with Razorpay integration as well. Our Razorpay sign-up referral link at

3.4. Helpdesk staffing of your own - to manage the front end support. Chat support is optional up to you.
Our team can always help you with technical support however to your user you need to provide support your own. Our team is 24x7 online and standard managed support is included with all the service plans.

3.5 You can always sign up for any of our reseller plans
as mentioned at which will entitle you to have special promo code provided which you can use to get a recurring discount on our services as a reseller.

Now if you have web developer or web designer for example in your team already then you can skip point no 1 or 2 so all the options above are optional and up to you that which option you opt or not as per your needs.
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