Most of time, As if you are an existing client to WebJi® then please note that your service provider WebJi® donot comes in these criteria:

- Donot reply your case or ticket or technical query for dns or nameserver for more over 1-2 days or weekend.
- Donot have DNS level support we know many leading brands they dont offer technical support for dns. Maybe they dont want to provide support for low money making service called domain name. Many clients comes to us every few week basis and their service provider cant even help them with dns level support. That is not gonna happen at WebJi®.
- Having level 0 handle your case > Delay the support and finally get resolution over hrs time.

We dont have such system as we value your business and your time and try our level best to cover you and be there with you when required. We are a company where even the director to the company Webji Hosting Pvt. Ltd. involved himself in chat and email 15-18 hrs a day even when we have 10+ team members with us. It needs lots of love and care to upkeep service and it costs to manage 24x7 support.

Generally even most of the domain queries are resolved at WebJi® in record time < few minutes most of time except complicated queries or need team registrar involvement or dns level changes which require dns propagation time no in our hands.

A domain name donot have high margin service. So if we are expecting any service provider to offer 20-50% discount that never gonna happen except some special cases like
- Some newcomer or brand want to extend their client base thus sell domain name on loss
- Some registry or specific TLD have limited time offer

These 2 cases are exceptional cases they are not like regular price. The regular price is said the one which is applied by other service provider on the renewal too. As we too have many offers all time going on for new orders as mentioned at

So if you have a new order for domain name or any other service your welcome to our offer page at that will help you get some discount for new orders so that you can welcome new clients in better affordable way.

Please note that:

Registrar or registry changes their prices periodically that have a direct impact on our cost and thus on sales price.
2.USD <> INR conversion rate have direct impact on the cost and thus is on sales price.

With 24x7 rocket fast support we still expect if you compare our domain name renewal prices with any other service provider in the world, (for renewal not new orders) you shall find our prices most of time under medium price zone.

We value your business association with us and we dont want to lose your trust offering you world's most expensive services, that never gonna happen as that will not help or value our business relation in any mean. Today the world is open market you shall always feel free to compare prices with others and kindly see reviews of the cheapest provider online and then decide we think we are medium priced service provider and that is required to manage the infra and support resources for you 24x7.

What makes us different than other service provider please read in details from
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