Please note that WHMCS is one of leading web hosting billing system application and one of most widely used by web hosting companies we are using the same for our system of web hosting ac and services management.

As per their new security update they don’t allow us to reset directly the password of your billing ac with us they want user to reset the same, so if you think we are not resetting the password then for privacy reasons whmcs don’t have any such option anymore now in their new versions. So this is shared to make you aware why we cant reset the password from our end, so please cooperate with procedure.

So in case you have forgot the security answer or your security answer is blank then

Please send an email from registered email id in our records to and clearly mention that you want security password requirement to be disabled > after that our team will disable the same on written email request > Once done, you shall be able to reset the password without system ask you for security password.

Sorry for the steps but WHMCS application due to security reasons have this since version 8.0 which was released recently. In short just send an email to and our team will disable the need of security password but due to security reasons need that on written via email only.

Please note that billing team generally works during IST office hrs but mostly available 14-16 hrs approx a day.
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