We have seen cases where any 3rd party or unknown people calls you saying your website expired or going to expire or renew it asap or anything like that. First of all please be aware that this is internet world and spammers or cyber criminals are there to fraud people. So always only reply or attend any email from support@webji.services which is your service provider in case you have purchased services from webji.in

Please note there are many online whois details scrapper tools such as

So as you can see there are tools to grab domain name or business / companies contact information and then use that for malformed purposes. So beaware of that any such email donot necessary mean that webji database of clients is compromised but that is grey side of internet that such tools exists and such people exists who are misusing such tools.

Webji is committed to make people aware of cyber security steps and this is one of our KB article to educate our valued clients about ongoing internet spam or abusers.
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