Generally since there are various very cheap domain names' offers mostly going on around thus it is highly recommended that you buy a domain name for a website you want to host and then you assign that domain name to your web hosting ac with us and have website working on domain name.

However, we don't know sometime for any reason client may still prefer to have website over dedicated IP only.

Here are the steps for that case

Buy a dedicated IP from us for this you need to take quote by sending email to kindly note as we deal in multiple data centers thus price may vary depending on source data center and their charges proportionally as not all data center charges the same. Price quoted from

In the same price quote email you need to mention on which web hosting ac you need that hosting ac. Please keep this in mind that in case of shared hosting there can be technical situations where dedicated IP will not be possible. However, for VPS / dedicated servers that depends on data center and their terms.

The following steps are for VPS or dedicated server owners only:

If you have a VPS / dedicated server once the IP is added to your web hosting control panel then after you can log in to your VPS / dedicated server control panel a few steps are left now:

2a) You need to find the domain name in Plesk and visit "web hosting access" menu screenshot below

web hosting access

2b) Now change the IP address mentioned there from drop-down to the newly added IP which you want to assign to that website in Plesk Panel.

Change IP now

Here make sure that the new IP shall be shown as "Dedicated" next to it in the drop down only otherwise contact our team for the same to convert that to dedicated IP if Shared is shown there.

2c) Now once that is done you need to goto Tools & Settings > IP addresses

Ip addresses in plesk

2d) Click on required new IP which you want to assign as dedicated IP and then select default site from there it shall be the website name in Plesk already existing which you want to work on dedicated IP.

Process completed. Now you can open the dedicated IP and it shall show you the website which you setup on that IP as dedicated IP.

Please note that after changing the website to dedicated IP the website shall be accessible from the IP as the url however kindly note that the domain name can be down for few hrs for dns to get propagated thus we recommend you lower down TTL for that you contact our team wait for 24 hrs after TTL are lower down to 10 minutes by our techs and then change the IP in that case you can have DNS Propagation time less for website to work with domain name too same time.

For any additional queries, please feel free to contact us at
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