It is not possible to upgrade the operating system on the same vps or dedicated server. OS require a new server to be setup and the data migration to be done. IP of the server will be also changed as the new server needs to be made live and data copied via internet.

So here is the plan how the operating system new version can be availed:

Order new server with current pricing plans from our website and have the upgraded centOS 7 for example instead of centOS 6. You can contact our team to share you the latest plan / offer details page link.

Once ordered new server we will have it setup and if you have old server running with Plesk or Cpanel then data migration one time help will be provided. Kindly note that onetime fee of INR 4000 + 18% GST needs to be paid for system admin time for the process. Since data migration require detailed system admin support and the charges include max. 3 hrs data migration support of system admin viz. our senior most team.

Due to nature of digital services, client is requested to please take all their important data / database / email / files folders backup offsite at their end before proceeding with any such data migration task.

If you follow suggestions provided by our team the website shall have either no downtime or as less as downtime possible as our team consist of many 15+ years experienced system admin having detailed experience with data migration.
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