Please note that our team can help as far as you connect via email at As when automated receipt dont come it need a manual tracking.

Sometime invoices are not marked as paid and in that case we need to manually track the payments. There can be various reasons behind such issues. Some cases are as follows:

Partial Paid Invoices: Sometime you have paid any invoice in partial, then such invoice cannot be auto credited, in that case you need to contact our support team at so that we can manually track and apply the payment.
Any Technical or Payment Gateway Error: Sometime internet or any other technical issue during payment can create such an issue. In such a case, please be sure to share us payment transfer or any form of detail to track the payments via email at so that our team can manually check and update. Kindly note any such case may require 2-4 days, however most queries are fixed within 48 hrs.

Kindly note that when automated payment receipt is not come then we need to manually track the payments so kindly ensure to contact us via email as to avoid any domain delete or any other related issues.
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