Kindly note if you have ordered any seo or digital marketing service plan which also includes video creation tasks, then kindly note your success is our motto. But concurrently the images, videos, etc created are for marketing purposes, so we cannot commit any revision etc, as the sole purpose of them is to feed the internet with some relevant content only for better exposure to your services or products on the internet.

Please note we do not charge any extra for such digital graphics creation or videos in our all in one seo plan, so they are content feed for the internet to help us in doing digital marketing tasks for your business. If you are looking for any custom image or video assets, please hire a professional digital graphic creation company as our goals are limited to get you highlighted on the internet with relevant content. We are not a digital media creation company, so we do not accept any custom video making request other than to fulfill and meet the deliverables of the purchased plan.

However, once a while sometime creating a digital graphics for your festival greetings etc is our pleasure, so if that is something required will surely help our level best at no additional cost if you are all in one seo plan user.
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