Please note if you have purchased a limited disk space plan and if the disk space overuse happens viz. more disk space used than purchased package limits then your web hosting ac will stop working this as Plesk doesn’t allow more than purchased plan disk usages.

For your help here are the details and some frequently asked questions and their answers:

1. My website is not working due to disk overuse what to do?
Ans: We offer onetime free unsuspend for such cases so if there is a suspected disk overuse you can contact our team via chat on our website or via email at and our team will check and offer you onetime free unsuspend. Kindly note for any disk overuse

1st time free unsuspend possible with warning and information shared clearly of disk overuse to be fixed by user side or user shall upgrade the ac to higher disk quota plan timely by contacting our support team for quote for upgrade, if required.
2nd time and onward, if the overuse issue repeats in the same subscription period then INR 500 +18%GST required to be paid for appropriate system admin time.

2. What is quickest solution for the disk space overuses?
Ans: You can contact our team for one time free unsuspend and at the same time can request team for disk space upgrade plan quote and can have the upgrade done to have an effective and fastest solution. When you upgrade your web hosting plan to higher package all the data remains as it is so is the safest option.

3. I have removed some files/folders but it not updates the disk usage instantly?
Ans: Please note as informed in question 3 above, Plesk have daily disk usage recalculation script which runs once per day so permit it 24-48 hrs and it will be auto updated, the only thing you need to care is to make sure you delete or free up enough space to shape your account as under purchased plan disk space limits.

4. What is included in total disk usages?
Ans: Files / Folders + Logs + Databases + Backup files generated by user + Email data

5. How to avoid such situation of disk overuse issue?
Ans: You can anytime periodically login to your Plesk web hosting control panel to check and make sure that you have enough free space and anytime your disk usages reaches 70-80% of package limits its better to decide in advance for disk space free up by removing unwanted data or either to upgrade timely to avoid any such disk overuses issues.

6. I have recently paid for renewal so will I have to pay for full tenure of new plan pricing, if in case I upgrade?
Ans: NO, only difference amount and that also to be paid for remaining service period. So you don't lose any service benefits or service period of existing paid amount, as you are required to pay only the difference amount.

7. I don’t want to upgrade my plan in that case how can I fix such disk overuse issue?
Ans: In that case you need to download backup of all data and make sure that after taking all required backups only, you delete unwanted files/folder or email ids or recreate email ids if any specific ID space you want to free up. Please note any delete action are final and delete action are irreversible thus if you prefer to free up space by deleting some data make sure you have taken offline backup copy at your end before taking such delete action.

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