Please note every domain name registrar is required to work as under norms decided by ICANN and as per ICANN norms registrar required to verify domain name registrant email id a few times in a year.

So the registrar may sometime send you whois verification email saying that you need to click on the required link to verify the email id provided by you in the domain name registration data. The purpose of any such verification is to make sure that the domain name registrant is a contactable identity and is not a fake ID or any typing issue in registrant email id.

If your domain name is suspended for any such verification (by registrar), then you shall open your email id and complete the verification process. IN case you are unable to locate any such email then please contact our support team via email at so that we can send that registrar verification email.

Any such whois email id verification is a mandatory process and the client shall complete that process to avoid any domain name suspending issues.****

Please note that once verification process is completed then after DNS propagation may take a few hrs to have the recent DNS changes propagated on internet space. So please wait for a few more hrs if the URL still not working for you as once DNS propagated it shall start working.
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