First of all, having emails delivered to spam can have one or many issues which we are going to discuss in this article. There is no one click magic button solution for spam folder delivery issues. There are certain situations like having proper IP reputation, spf, dkim and dmarc records which we can help you have the same as a service provider. However not all are in your service provider hands as it depends on you are hosted on shared hosting or private server or if you are using a shared IP or dedicated IP for mail server usages + Your own mailing usages history.

There are certain things which you need to take care like
Having no email forwarders to any external email id from any of your hosted email ids on our server, make sure having proper spam protection on your feedback form like recaptcha or related services, making sure that you are not sending any form of unsolicited emails or spamming or bulk mailing.

When using a shared hosting the shared server is used by many users no service provider can control each single email sent by the shared hosting users as shared hosting has its own limitations thus if you have a sensitive business email usage make sure you upgrade to our premium business email hosting / Gsuite plans or private server plans as per your priorities and budget.

If it is a shared hosting / reseller hosting account

- If you have a feedback form on your website then make sure you are having recaptcha protection over there. If you do not use that you are inviting spamming issue to your email box.
- Make sure you are not sending any form of bulk emailing.
- Make sure you have not disabled the spam filters and ensure you are not having an incoming email forwarder set to any external email id, as that can lead in gmail spam delivery since gmail dislikes too many emails forwarded from the same domain or IP and that is something not in our control or service support area as is related to 3rd party decisions of gmail in this example case.
- As a service provider we can make sure that our shared server IP is not blacklisted in any leading RBL (anti-spam index) and to ensure that you have proper DKIM, SPF, DMARC records. Other than that nothing else is in our hands to fix.
- If you have business email usage highly recommend you check our business email hosting plans for premium email solutions

Our business email hosting plans are as mentioned at
Exclusive features of our business email hosting plans
- Or you can upgrade to your own private vps or dedicated server to have a dedicated IP assigned for use with your domain's emails only to have an isolated entity for your emails.

If it is a private vps or dedicated server of your own

- You can make sure no more spamming or bulk mailing from your server.
- You can buy new dedicated IP as addon IP by paying required fee, however if there is a history of multiple time spam issue from your vps or dedicated server then additional IP is impossible as you need to clean your usage history.
- If it is a managed server, then our team can check and make sure you have proper spf, dkim and dmarc mail records.
- If its a managed server, our team can check if your IP is blacklisted in any leading RBL and can request for delist to any blacklisting after the spam outbreak has been stopped.
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