Please note that if the SMTP / POP3 / IMAP is down on the server side then no single customer or user shall be able to access it. However, if you are the only client reporting such an issue it is a local issue and not a server side issue so it needs to be checked and investigated based on local settings and variables only and our team needs certain steps or details to be followed from your side to help you as quickly as possible.

Please note that Outlook / Thunderbird / Macmail or any other email client software if not working locally does not necessarily mean the server is down. This can be a temporary issue with your computer / network / ISP level firewall or anything else blocking access to your local PC or network.

Here are the steps to back trace the issue properly and the details when to contact our team:

Confirm if the email is working fine from webmail or not. If you have forgotten your webmail url most of the time this shall be and replace with your actual website name.

If mails working in webmail are not in outlook then this confirms its a local ISP or computer level issue or the outlook is misconfigured but not related to server

Try for temporary purposes any other internet line and confirm if outlook / email client works fine with other ISP. If yes, then you are now aware that it was an ISP level issue so you shall contact your ISP and contact them to fix the issue by contacting their technical support.

Now, if its an ISP level issue as mentioned in point no 2 then you need to contact your ISP.

Once you have checked the above noted on both points then please contact our team via email at and share their details as follows in one email.

Screenshot of all of your outlook settings. Especially more settings where port and SMTP authentication require settings are there.
Screenshot of telnet outputs to imap, pop3, smtp if you don't know how to telnet our team can share with you the steps for the same.
Confirmation of webmail working fine or not?
Confirm if any other ISP was tried or not?

Based on the details and situation, accordingly our team can further guide you on how to fix the local outlook and not the working case. Please note that any such cases may require a few follow-ups at times so your cooperation is highly requested and appreciated.

Any such query can't be handled over the phone or chat so kindly make sure to contact us via email at with the proper details to have a faster resolution possible.
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