SHARED HOSTING is recommended for normal websites only such as a new project, company portfolio, etc. It is not recommended for eCommerce portal, high traffic website, or websites with high MSSQL or MySQL queries.

If you have higher system resources required or have a high traffic website the following options are there:

Dedicated server - It may be a bit costly but having your own dedicated server has its own performance and reliability concerns as the entire server is set up for your own. Most of our servers in EU locations are even 1gbps that ensures the best performance at a fair price as compared with most of the competition. You can check an order any of our dedicated server plans from

VPS server - If you have less budget than of dedicated server pricing then this option can be most suitable a dedicated server using virtualization is clustered in multiple VPS and each VPS have its own set of RAM, disk space and CPU is shared among the other VPS on the same host server. Performance is far better than shared hosting but is not as per dedicated server. You can check and order any of our VPS server plans from

Shared VPS - Most of our competition (a majority of them) don't have such options however we have it. Here one VPS server is shared amount 10 users and the cost of the server is far better than the VPS server so if you have budget concerns this is the option for you. The system resources and performance shall be still far better than shared hosting however most of the time shall be suitable for users up to a level where the website resources need a separate VPS or dedicated server. You can order our shared VPS plans from

Please note that any website start their operations somewhere from zero at someday, however as soon as business grows your app or website may require more system resources, so when you have been given a notification about your high usages its time when you shall check and opt for an appropriate web hosting options so that you can run your website or portal smoothly.

For any additional queries, please feel free to contact us at or chat with us on our website
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