Read the website security steps as mentioned at , and ensure your developer reads the same properly as they have to follow required security steps.

Most of the cases where the issue repeats more often are:
A) Developer skips any of the security measures and steps
B) Or, if they scan with any antivirus and re-upload any infected file back as most of the latest infections can't be picked by any antivirus as if they are encrypted malware php files.
C) They don't check the website logs to understand which plugins or which part of CMS was attacked in logs and accordingly plan the security of the application
D) If they don't have a system to auto update or update your web application timely hosting outdated cms like Wordpress is the primary reason behind such hacking issues
E) If you dont have a plan to update your cms timely basis then better to develope a static website in html format, as html there is no way to have any hacking done on that as static html pages are not having any programming backend like PHP.

Once your developer is ready to follow the given security steps, email to with subject "One time unsuspension request -" replace with your website name suspended for malware or security issues reasons and mention you want to follow the given steps and want a clean web hosting ac so that you can re-upload the clean copy of your website from your end and can follow the mentioned security steps.

Having SSL is optional but is recommended you can order SSL from

Having Securedash (10 in one protection) is optional but is recommended if your website is in PHP you can order the same from as once ordered, its only need a small code on all pages of your website footer PHP file.

Please note:
- For the first time - free unsuspend is possible

- If the issue repeats in 90 days time - INR 500 +18% GST fee required to be paid for admin time

- If the issue 3rd time in 90 days time (from initial issue date) - Website cleanup service by WebJi® is must be ordered separately as your developer fails to secure the website or application, if repeated 3rd time. Our website cleanup plan details at

- If the issue 4th time in 90 days time (from initial issue date) - The website will be blacklisted in our network and will not be allowed to be hosted anymore,

If you do not have a developer and / or your developer is unable to follow steps for any reason, then you can order our website cleanup service in case the malware issue is there, our website cleanup plan details as mentioned at
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