Here are some example cases and suggested details / information so that to ensure fastest and accurate most support for your queries on our live chat or helpdesk. By sharing the proper and complete details you can have fastest support as once our techs have basic details its easier for them to trace and investigate the case and come to you with an appropriate reply or solution. On other side if incomplete details are shared it may result in multiple email required from both sides (your and our techs side) making the support experience way less accurate and more delayed.

So we have made this article to help you finding what kind of information our tech may require to investigate to make it simpler we have shared you some example cases so that you can share us basic information we may require:

Case# 1: My website is not working or throwing error? - What details to share?
In this case the following details are requested:
Share us website link where the issue is + steps in case some steps to follow to reach the error page
Screenshot of error you are getting
visit and share us IP address of your computer.

Once details shared request you to please permit us few minutes time one of our support agent will be back to you with investigation findings or solutions in case there is anything server side.

Please note that every case is different so if in any particular case our team need any additional information kindly cooperate the same we will keep updating this article based on user request and experiences as required.****
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