WebJi® helpdesk engine has been updated. We are trying to seek more ways to have our techs direct in touch with you and respect the user voice. In the same procedure from 6 Jan 2021 onwards our support services will be available 24x7 via live chat on our website https://webji.in/ or via email at support@webji.services

We do understand sometime discussion is way more important that is why live chat is offered to you 24x7 to respect your user voice. So that you can have someone sitting next to you on chatbox and can understand and help you on points. Kindly note that phone support will not be available; as we are having more staff and resources available on live chat and email for your services 24x7 for the purpose.

Now 24x7 Live chat is also there https://webji.in/ and our techs are online and happy to help you.

For more details on the new helpdesk system and how it works, please visit https://webji.crisp.help/en/article/how-to-contact-webji-support-team-for-support-services-1v9wg26/
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