Here we will discuss step by step for how to make your first email campaign.

1) Initial Domain Verification Step:

First thing you need to do is make sure you contact our team at and share them the following information:

Sending domain name
Email ID which you want to use as sender email id
Reply to email id where you want to get the user's reply if anyone replied to your mailer.

If you are domain name and dns are elsewhere then our team will share you then required dns records which you need to have updated in your domain name / dns service provider. Or if your domain name or dns are hosted with WebJi® itself then our team will have that part completed to help you from their end.

Now once the 1st initial step is done the next step is to create an email list

2) Email List creation:

What is email list?
An email list is a group of email ids where you want to send email so for example you have 100 customers then you can make a email list of 100 customers and import 100 email ids there of your customer. Later you can create a email campaign and send that to this particular 100 customer email list at once. So email list take it as a collection of email ids where you want to send email to.

How to create a new email list?

- Login to your bulk email panel at

- Click on Lists and then enter all your company information there screenshot below Make sure to fill all form fields with red color marked as they are compulsory.

- We will recommend you to disable all these 3 yes marks buttons and keep them as shown in screenshot below

How to import email database to created email list?

- Goto to view all email list exists on your account.

- Follow steps as mentioned in video screenshot below to import email ids. You can also see sample.csv file to review format in which format your csv file shall be to import the database.

In case your email list dont have any name then you can have any random value in sample.csv file to have it just imported. But then make sure to not include any variable of first name / last name in your mailer later as you know you have not imported the sample csv file in email list with proper names and only email ids required to be in email list.

3) Mandatory Email verification and why it is required to verify your email database?

If you are not sure of your email database is 100% accurate then please contact our team at If you send email to an email list without having email ids validated or filtered for better accuracy then it may result in spam issues or blacklisting of our email servers and as a result it may have your account suspended if the hard bounce rate is more than 2% or frequent or repeat basis spam complaint are there.

So if you have purchased email list somewhere OR you have scrapped it online no matter how accurate you think it can be, Until you have toolset with you for effective email ids verification its better to contact our team at and get a quote for one time email list cleanup. You can create email list and import your email ids after that can send email to and our team can share you quote for the same once paid the required reasonable email verification fee our team will update the fresh verified list back to your same email lists and you can send emails to your prospectus after that.

We have zero tolerance antispam policies. Any spam or repeat basis / frequent spamming may result in lifetime ban to WebJi® services and may result in immediate termination of your services without refunds. No refunds will be issued for spamming cases. So please prefer to have email lists validated as that can minimize spam issues when dealing with bulk mailing by reducing the hard bounces.

4) Create one more test email list of your internal staff only

It is always recommended that you create on extra email list of your internal team members only. So anytime you design a emailer to send to your users first you send that to your own internal staff email list > Verify everything is fine > then only send that to your live prospectus list. Its better to proof read and check things with internal email list rather regret to send a mailer with any wrong information or mistakes to 100s or 1000s of users.

5) How to create email campaigns to send mailer to your email list?

- Click on campaigns option in the bulk email panel and then after follow steps as mentioned below, make sure to select proper email list, proper sender name, proper sender email id, proper reply to email id and also proper subject line.

Follow steps as mentioned in video tutorial at to create your first email campaign

Once you are sure with test email you can click on that Send button at last screen of the video to send the emailer to your email list selected by you in the campaign creation steps.


Q.1. From where I can check all my campaigns and their reports?
Ans: You can always visit from there you can see list of all campaigns and how many emails sent, other email reports like how many user opened the emails etc.

Q.2. Can I see a sample report?
Ans: Yes, example report screenshot we can see of a test mailer of us at

Q.3. From where I can see all of my email lists?
Ans: From you can see list of all the email lists you have created in your account.

Q.4. Is there any per hour or per day limits?
Ans: All emails will not be sent same time. So our system will send them in batches. Any such limits depends on the package also which one you have opted. In any monthly package we allow max. 10-20% quota per day sending as far as you have clean mail usages. For daily packages limits are set minute basis so that it can evenly distribute by itself rather sending 1000s of emails at same moment of time to jam the source and destination both servers. We are looking for a business service here not a spamming or jam a 3rd party server with flood of emails.

Q.5. What is size of per email allowed?
Ans: Since its a shared resources we allow max. 2 MB size per email including attachments. Please note that if you have larger file sending required you can signup for a free google drive or dropbox account and can include that dropbox or google drive shared link to your emailer to allow your user to download you high size file.

Q.6. Can I blacklist email ids?
Ans: Yes you can always add some email ids at if you want to blacklist them and never want to send them any mailer for any reasons.

Q.7. From where I can check my bulk email account that how many credits are used and free to use now?
Ans: Please follow steps mentioned in video image at to know the details about email credits used / free now.
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