Kindly note that any form of spamming is not allowed. Reasons are obvious; as we can't sell something that someone comes and spam the internet and blacklists the network on internet space. Anything including Adult Content, Hate speech, Political or related controversial content or anything with a high number of returned email rate or high spam complaint feedback is not allowed.
What is allowed?
- Sending emails to your target audience or subscribed email users to your newsletter
- Sending email with proper name, address of the sender with auto unsubscribe link auto-added to each email to make sure one-click unsubscribe for users if they want to unsubscribe to your newsletter
- Having less than 2% hard bounce rate (high bounce rate indices old or outdated email database and may result in blacklisting of our server IPs so not allowed)
- Having a good open rate (good open rate means your subject line and content is accepted by email users)
- No Frequent SPAM Complaint or any form of spamming from our network
What is Not Allowed?
- Certain products or services are not allowed such as Lottery, MLM, Pharmacy or anything else in Grey or banned market segment or anything illegal in India, is not allowed.
- Any form of spamming practices.
- Having more than 2% bounce rate (we offer onetime email cleanup services in case you doubt on your database can have old or outdated or incorrect email ids then it's suggested to opt for one-time cleanup services before sending email campaign)
- Having a high # of a spam complaint.
- Having frequent spam complaints or any form of spamming usages of service.
- Anything illegal or Using Fake or Incorrect Contact Details in email campaigns.
- Sending email without proper Can-SPAM compliance such as not having auto unsubscribe options, using spam words etc.
- High unsubscribe rate, as that indicates your email is not accepted by your email audience.
- Any form of abuse usages resulting blacklisting of our IPs or Server / Network.
- Sending any illegal content over email campaigns.
For automatic unsubscribe - Our control panel always blacklists automatically any hard bounced emails and also it auto unsubscribes any user if clicked on the subscription option at the bottom of the email. So this feature we have already in our bulk email control panel.
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