It is highly recommended you renew your domain name timely with your service provider. Except some domains like .eu etc, generally domain registrar provide a few days time to renew the domain name during this period you can renew the domain name at the same fee. This period is called as renewal grace period.

If a domain name is not renewed timely during renewal grace period, then it goes first to redemption period and on type of domain name + domain name registrar there is certain week time it remains in redemption period during redemption period you can restore domain name by paying domain name restore fee which is way higher fee than regular renewal price as its charges for domain name restore not renewal.

At this stage of redemption period domain name cant be renewed at regular price but if you pay domain restore fee the domain name can be restored. Domain restore fee is generally many times higher than regular domain renewal price and is a time consuming process. So if you want to restore the domain name please send email to and our team can check and provide you a price quote for the domain name restore. Kindly note no service provider can do anything in domain restore charges once applicable as this is how domain name system works every upstream domain registrar decides and charges high fee to restore the domain name and the same is applicable only after renewal grace period is over.

Once after a few weeks' domain name gets moved out of the redemption period too and you don't restore the domain name > It then first goes to the pending delete, generally stays in that status for 5 days, after which if don't have any backorder on it then will be available for new domain registration.

WebJi® can help you if you contact timely for renewal of services or to restore the domain name if it's in redemption period, however once it goes to pending delete status there is nothing we can do to help. WebJi® does not offer a guarantee the domain name will be available or not after the pending delete period is over, however recommend you don't try checking domain availability on other sites as some companies prebook, expire deleted domains and then sell them in auction.

So anytime you want to check your domain name is available or not, then you shall better prefer WebJi®'s own portal for domain name checker at http://www.securehostbilling.c...

If anytime you get the domain name free you can search its availability at http://www.securehostbilling.c... and can book it at regular price, however that depends on many factors so no service provider can say it may be available after pending delete or not.
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