What is a Mini site and why a client need it?
Answer: Mini site or mini website is a mini website itself which is created with unique content and generally consist of 10-100 web pages relevant to client's niche/business. The features of mini website is as follows:

- Hosted over Google Cloud Storage / Google sites / Amazon S3 / Azure Cloud (high authority platforms)
- Since mini site website is hosted on high authority cloud hosting platform thus the pages tend to rank faster than making a new website with new domain name. Here authority mean SEO authority as per moz.com SEO industry standard matrix.
- Each website consist of 10 to 100 web pages which are having unique content.
- Each mini site consist of multiple images with client logo or contact details mentioned to get leads
- Mini site can also have contact form included so that the lead can reach your mailbox.
- Minisites are hosted on high authority platform thus ranks faster than buying a new domain name and making website and uploading there.
- Creating 10-100 seo optimized web pages itself comes with its own costs knowing that the pricing ordered shall be highly affordable.
- Client can have mini site created to rank and get more leads in local business search keywords or they can use it to get backlinks to their main website to help boost it in ranking further or these both purposes at same time backlink + leads from rankings.

Can I have an example of mini site?
Answer: We can't share any of our client's minisites URL as per our privacy policy. However you can check one of our own test mini site hosted on Google cloud storage at https://storage.googleapis.com/localseocompany/index.html this is a mini website with 100+ pages each one of web page is highly optimized for local seo company related local keywords.

What are the use cases for mini website in real time for clients?
- Client is a local business or service provider within a city or state such as: Specialist or Doctor / Plumber / Garage Door Repair / Movers Services / Courier Services / Mobile Phone Repair / Computer Repair or AMC / AC Repair / Home Remodeling / Architect / Auto Financing / Car Rental / Tour & Travel Agencies / Auto Dealers / Carpet Cleaners / Medical care / Retail / Restaurant / Hotel / Pest Control / Interior Designers / Housekeeping / Schools / Colleges / Universities / Florists / Cafes / Photography / Videography / Wedding Planners / Event Managers / Lawyers / Bookkeeping Services / Personal Financing / Spas / Cosmetic Surgery / Chiropractors / Dental / Dieticians / Gyms / Dermatologists & other health care or medical services / Hair salons / Massage Therapists / Weight loss specialists / Legal Service Providers / Tatto Shops / Pet Supplies / Pet Clinic / Consultants / Real Estate / Resorts / Travel Agents or any other market which need local rankings to get more business or clients.

# From where I can order mini site with WebJi®?
Answer: Here are the order links in both INR and USD currency:
Order in INR from https://webji.in/billing/cart.php?a=add&pid=1676&currency=1
Order in USD from https://webji.in/billing/cart.php?a=add&pid=1676&currency=2

Is this onetime or recurring charges?
Answer: Mini site plans order link mentioned above are onetime plan and are not renewal based services. However we recommend repeat order to clients for their business so that they can have more chances to appear in top ranking and sometime multiple of their mini websites ranking in same keyword making their own domination in search results and branding benefits.

So ordering 1-3 mini sites is suggested over period of 3 months rest you can always order more as per your business results and benefits received. There is no end limit of growth of your business or services so sky is the limit. But any mini site creation is onetime service only except hosting charges if applicable to host the web pages on cloud storage.

Which plan shall I hope "with hosting" or "without hosting"
Answer: With hosting is suggested for most of the client. Without hosting is only suggested to Agency clients who need bulk order for mini site in near future and for their own reasons prefer their own google / amazon s3 cloud storage. In general mini site plan with hosting included is suggested as that is all in one solution plans.

How fast we shall expect results with mini site?
Answer: It depends on local market competition however most of mini site once created may take somewhere 30-90 days to show you the results it brings you in term of search engine ranking / leads.

Is there a renewal fee for mini site?
Answer: Yes we need to pay our cloud storage bills to host your web pages thus there is hosting renewal charges however since there is no domain name involved thus there is no need to pay for any domain name renewal as mini sites are hosted on cloud storage domains subfolder / subdomains thus donot require a domain name or its renewal.

For any additional queries, please feel free to contact us at support@webji.services
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